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What a Day..... [Apr. 9th, 2005|10:39 pm]
[Current Mood |happyhappy]

Interesting day.....

took ACTs this morning......think I did well in maths and english.....not sure about reading and science.....but might as well hope for the best :D....I'm just wishing that all that effort this week went through well...

Though something interesting took place today after a long, long time...

Whilst I was practicing bowling in the driveway (cricket bowling that is :P), Papa suddenly came out, and wanted to play. We played, and I felt a sense of bonding we hadn't had since our last game (going back to last June when Ma had just left for Delhi for the summer). Afterwards (15 min or so), he went inside, and I just enjoyed the afternoon sun by lying on the grass (with my white sunhat on :D), and thinking about my life and its future. Yup, I felt like the luckiest fellow in the world, and for what ever reason it was, it was a moment I cherished. So I fell asleep for 15 min, and woke up....and it felt like waking up in nature - almost in a dreamy fashion. I walked in, and that was pretty much what set the tone for the rest of the rather placid evening.......